APEMAN 12MP 1080P Review (Upgraded Version)

We always like it when a hunting product company makes a good product of theirs even better. That is what we have been hearing that Apeman did with their 12 MP trail cam with the night. It had us so excited we had to take a closer look at it right away. If this trail cam is as good as they say it could very well become many hunters go-to game scouting camera.

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Let’s take a quick look at the Apeman Upgraded Trail Camera

Here is a brief overview of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:


  • APEMAN Trail Camera Review (Upgraded Version)Up to 12 Megapixel photo resolution
  • Features 1080P HD video
  • 60’ day and night motion detection range
  • 26 LED infrared flash illumination
  • Multi-shot modes that can be done in up to three photo bursts
  • Impressive 0.5-second motion sensor trigger speed


  • Does not come with the SD card or battery it requires
  • Nighttime photos are shorter in scope than daytime photos

Evaluating the Performance and Versatility

It’s hard to beat a trail camera that has 1080P HD video and 12-megapixel photo quality. That will help you readily identify the game you capture on it. It works well for both day and nighttime use thanks to its 26 LED infrared flash illumination.

The Apeman Upgraded Trail Camera can detect moving objects out to 60’ and it features a generous field of view too. It also has a fast shutter trigger once its motion sensor has been tripped.

Ease of use, Battery Life and Construction

When you open up the case you will see the 2.4” display screen inside. Here you can easily program this trail cam to work the way you want. You can also view your photos and videos instantly on the screen too.

The Apeman Upgraded Trail Camera uses 8 AA batteries to power it. They are not included in the package so make sure you pick some up before you venture into the woods or field to set this trail camera up. Battery life is anywhere from 3 to 5 months when using it to take only photos.

This trail camera also comes with different mounting options. It includes hardware for permanently mounting it and straps for quick tree and pole mounting. There is even a threaded slot for tripod mounting.

It’s a very tough trail cam too. This trail cam is dust proof, drop proof and waterproof.

The Apeman Upgraded Trail Camera’s Signature Features

The trigger speed on this trail cam is quite impressive. It’s among the faster photo triggers we have seen on a game camera. Within .05 seconds of this trail cam sensing movement, it will either start snapping a photo or recording video.

Another really nice feature on the Apeman Upgraded Trail Camera is its different photo shooting modes. It can be set up to shoot video only, photos only or a combination of the two. There are different modes within each of these shooting categories also. For instance, when shooting video it can be set on timed intervals or in the time-lapse photography mode.

Warranty and Possible Drawbacks

APEMAN Trail Camera Review The warranty on this device is pretty much standard for trail cameras it seems. It comes backed up by Apeman with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. We would definitely like to see them show they have more confidence in their product than that.

As far as drawbacks go we don’t understand why a company does not include everything that is needed to run a trail cam right in its package. You will need to buy 8 AA batteries and an SD card in order to run this trail camera. They are not included in the package itself.

Another drawback is this game camera’s nighttime range. It’s noticeably less than what the daytime range is for this trail camera. We don’t think it goes close to the 60 feet range that Apeman claims it has at night.

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Summing Up Our Thoughts

As we mentioned we were already sold on Apeman trail camera products based on the last version. With that being said, we do definitely like the upgraded version much too. It has improved photo and video taking with more mode selections to do it in. There is even a slight improvement in the already good nighttime photo taking components. You will certainly be able to thoroughly scout any prospective hunting area for the game with this trail camera. It should get strong consideration from you when you set out to buy your next trail camera among our top-rated game camera list.

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