AUCEE Tracker Review

Every once in a while we hear about a trail camera that seems to operate at a little higher level than most others we have researched. That would definitely be the case with the AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera. There is much to like about it for sure. Read along with us as we explain to you what makes this trail camera perform a step above most of the competition.

Taking a quick look at the AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera

Here is a brief overview of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:


  • High-quality 16-megapixel photo resolution
  • 1080P HD video
  • 65’ motion sensor detection range
  • Low-glow infrared LEDs
  • Wide 120-degree viewing range
  • Fast 0.6-second trigger speed upon motion detection


  • It has low light infrared that can still be seen
  • Poor locking design

Evaluating The Performance and Versatility

AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera ReviewThis trail camera’s excellent performance starts out with its high video and photo resolution. You will be able to take brilliant photos and video with it. The max photo resolution you can get with it is a very good 16 megapixels which is much higher than most game cameras will allow. Its 1080P video resolution is the same or better than most game cameras in the marketplace too.

Once this trail cam detects motion it has a very fast trigger response. It will snap a photo in less than 0.6 seconds in most cases. The advanced motion sensing technology on it will activate when an animal comes within 65 feet of the camera too. This trail camera has a wide area sensing ability too.


Ease of use, Battery Life and Construction

AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera 2This trail camera is very easy to use thanks to its generous 2.4” display. Its instructions are laid out in an easy to follow menu right on the display screen.

It has what can best be described as average battery life. It takes 8 AA batteries to operate it. You can take about 10,000 photos before the batteries need to be replaced.

The AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera is made out of sturdy and somewhat flexible plastic. It is also very well sealed. It is complete water-resistant (it cannot be immersed in water).

The Signature Features

One of the best things about this game camera is its 16-megapixel photo resolution. It will get you the exact details you need on the animals that forage in that area. That is the best way to decide if it’s an area you think is worth hunting in or not.

The field of view is very good on this trail camera too. It will allow you to scan a wide 120° area out in front of this camera. When combined with its delicate motion-sensing you will thoroughly cover any area this game camera is set up in.

Warranty and Possible Drawbacks

AUCEE Tracker Trail CameraThe warranty that you get when you purchase the AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera is above what is considered normal in the industry. It comes backed up by an 18-month warranty.

Did we have some concerns with this trail cam? The answer to that is yes but they were minor in nature. For instance; it features what is called a low light infrared flash. Although it is not like a flashbulb it still can be seen if a person or animal looks directly at the trail camera.

It also takes two locks in order to secure this camera for field use. One lock for the panel door and another cable lock to secure it to a tree or post. Most trail cameras you can do both with just one cable lock.

Summing Up Our Thoughts

This is a really well-designed trail camera. Everyone here really likes it a bunch. It has excellent video and photo resolution and an above average trigger response time from the moment motion is detected. It’s also easy to operate and is built to handle the elements easily. The built-in display screen even allows you to view the photos and videos you have taken without the need to return to your home. It’s a great trail cam that we don’t think anyone will be disappointed with after they purchase it.

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