Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Review

Some of our readers say they have trouble finding compact wireless trail cameras at an affordable price. So we decided to take a closer at the sizes of the cellular game cameras that were available in the marketplace. Our search led us to discover the Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Wireless Trail Camera. It offers those who use it a lot in a wireless trail camera that is not only compact in size but also is fairly inexpensive for these types of products too.

Taking a Quick Look at the Boly 3G Wireless Trail Camera

Here is a brief overview of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:


  • Nice 30 megapixel still photo resolution
  • 3G cellular service compatible
  • 3” built-in LCD display
  • 80’ nighttime flash range
  • 100’ sensor range
  • Black infrared flash


  • Will not overwrite the SD card
  • A little tough to setup
  • Does not connect to Verizon

Camera’s Wireless Capability

This nice compact 3G wireless trail camera has some pretty decent wireless characteristics and it will also allow you some versatility in cellular carrier choice too. You are free to choose a data plan and sim card from any of the major American wireless carriers except Verizon. Its free app will let you send both photos and videos to your computer or smart device.

Performance and Versatility

There is a lot to like about as far as features go on the Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Wireless Trail Camera for the low price you will pay for it. It all starts with its much higher than average 30-megapixel photo taking ability. This game camera will even take short bursts of 720P HD video too.

It has better than average nighttime photo taking ability too. The nighttime photos it takes are shot with 14-megapixel resolution. It has an invisible black infrared flash that cannot be detected by humans or animals even when looking straight at the camera when it flashes. Its quick trigger speed won’t allow any animals to slip away unseen either.

It has a very nice 3” size photo viewing screen built into it too. That makes this cellular trail cam easy to use as a stand-alone non-wireless trail camera too.

Ease of use, Battery Life and Construction

We will talk later more about how many veteran trail camera users feel this model from Boly is fairly tough to set up.

The batteries on this wireless camera will not last as long as you are hoping for probably. This is even truer if you are a heavy cellular photo transferring user. In colder weather, it seems users feel the battery drains even faster too.

This camera has a tough outer shell that is hardened plastic and sealed well against the elements. It is both water and snow resistant.

Warranty and Possible Drawbacks

Its warranty is a little disappointing. This trail camera comes with just a single year warranty which is less than the industry standard for wireless trail cams. Usually, they are warrantied for at least 2-years.

There were some drawbacks you get with using this wireless trail camera too. One of them is if you are a Verizon wireless fan you will be sadly disappointed because it will not work with their service.

Users will also find this game camera one of the tougher ones to set up. This is true even though in all fairness its free app is said to be a very good one. The directions could certainly stand some improvement.

You cannot set it to overwrite the SD card you need to use it when its fill either.

Summing Up Our Thoughts

We think this is a really excellent trail camera buy for the money you will spend on it. Its 30 MP photo resolution and black infrared flash are features you typically find on much more expensive cellular trail cams. If its instructions were improved it would definitely be one of the best buys in the wireless trail camera marketplace. Even as it is, it’s not a wireless trail camera to easily overlook if you are in the market to purchase a new one.