CreativeXP 035 Review

If you are looking to scout some game this year without wasting time and gas money or protect your property from vandalism, a cellular trail camera that can send real-time photos to your phone or email would be your best choice. The main reasons why many hold back from buying a wireless game camera are the fear of not setting it up correctly or the higher price. The family-owned business CreativeXP seemed to have solved the top 2 main problems mentioned above and we decided to take a closer look at its features. In the end, we placed their PRO3 Trail Camera as the No. 1 on our Top Cellular Trail Cameras list and here is why.


Taking a quick look at the CreativeXP Cellular Game Camera PRO3

CreativeXP HD Cellular Trail Camera PRO3Here is a brief overview of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:


  • Lifetime Warranty
  •  Easy-to-Setup in less than 10 minutes
  • Included SimHero data card with 500 free photos (very cheap data plans)
  • Sends photos to email or phone (any US phone network)
  • Responsive phone & email customer service
  • Full-HD 1080P Videos with Sound & 12MP Photos
  • 56 built-in no glow invisible LED lights & Wide 110° PIR angle
  • 0.4 Trigger Speed & 2” LCD display screen
  • Wireless or stand-alone use
  • Great Price


  • Does not connect to Verizon (works with AT&T and SimHero)
  • Battery life is just average (solar panel compatible)
  • 75 ft Daytime Sensor Range

This trail camera has the best cellular package so far. The SimHero card is included in the package, preloaded with 500 free photos and CreativeXP has YouTube tutorial videos on how to activate it in 5 minutes. The sim card uses AT&T and T-Mobile cell towers so if you have a signal in your area with any of these 2 phone networks, you will be fine with the SimHero as well. You can choose if the photos will go to your phone number as a text (any US network) or your email address. The photos get to you in less than a minute after they are taken which is fast and easy.


CreativeXP HD Cellular Trail CameraThe CreativeXP Cellular Game Camera can be used as a high-quality trail camera if you turn off the cellular feature. Not many trail cameras can record Full-HD 1080P Videos with sound while taking HD 12MP photos and you won’t miss any action even if it’s super quick thanks to the with a 0.4 trigger speed and 110° PIR angle.

Although the 56 black IR LEDs will take black and white photos during night time, their quality is very sharp and the motion sensor range can reach as far as 65 ft. The photos downloaded from the SD card directly were better than the ones received on my emails which I didn’t expect.


As mentioned above, this CreativeXP Trail Camera is very easy to set up and it seems like their customer service is always happy to walk you step-by-step through the process if you need it.

The battery life is just average but you can increase by turning off half of the IR LEDs or by decreasing the sensitivity of the PIR sensor. They sell a solar panel which we haven’t tried but it could be a cost-efficient option.

The construction is extremely sturdy and I don’t see how anything would be inside it. The camera is 100% waterproof and a metal bear box is available if you want to protect it against thieves as well.


Here is an informative video by CreativeXP, just keep in mind that starting July 1, 2019, they include a SimHero in the package, not an AT&T sim card. You can still use AT&T but I recommend SimHero as well.


This is one of the main advantages of buying from this company because they offer Lifetime Warranty on their trail cameras.

The main drawback would be if you don’t have AT&T or T-Mobile service in your area, the SimHero included will not work for you.


All the information provided above shows we placed the CreativeXP Trail Camera PRO3 on the first position in our Top Cellular Trail Cameras list. The friendly customer service helped this family-owned company gain popularity quickly and you should definitely consider the CreativeXP Trail Camera if you want to receive instant photos to your phone or email without spending a fortune on data plans.