Cuddeback Dual Flash Review (Invisible IR Scouting)

Many people who have switched to wireless trail cameras complain that something is lost as far as photo quality goes when they make the switch. It can make the convenience of using a cellular game camera almost not worth it for some. Well, Cuddeback has gotten around that by designing a wireless adapter that fits right on their already very good trail cam model. Let’s take a closer look at their unique wireless game camera.

Taking a quick peek at the Cuddeback Dual Flash Trail Camera

Here is a brief overview of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:


  • Excellent 20 Megapixel still photo resolution
  • Invisible black infrared flash
  • 100’ flash range
  • Can link multiple cameras
  • .025 second trigger speed
  • Takes HD quality video too


  • Does not work as well with major cellular services as well as other wireless trail cams do
  • It’s actually two separate units that you have to put together

Wireless Capability

Cuddeback Dual Flash Invisible IR Scouting Game Trail Camera + Wireless Network

It’s pretty interesting how Cuddeback makes their wireless trail cameras. They are more like a trail camera with a wireless adapter than they are a one piece cellular game camera. These Cuddeback wireless camera setups also do not work with dedicated wireless carriers like most cellular game cameras do. One of the more unique wireless features these Cuddeback trail cameras possess is that up to 15 of them can be linked together too.

Performance and Versatility 

Of course, we already knew this trail camera works very well as a stand-alone model and its wireless connectivity only enhances that even more. Asa matter of fact you will not find a better trail camera as far as photo resolution and nighttime flash capability go.

It has an excellent day and nighttime photo resolution of up to 20 megapixels. The trigger speed on it is an amazing 0.025 seconds too.

This Cuddeback trail camera has a rare dual flash capability for taking nighttime photos too. You can choose to use low-glow infrared settings for longer nighttime photo shooting distances or invisible black LED flash for taking nighttime photos that neither animals nor humans can see.

Ease of use, Battery Life and Construction

The setup is not too hard with these cameras because they have two modes you can program them in. One is a light mode that will get your camera up and running almost automatically.

As with most game cameras that use a wireless network battery life is not that great. This is especially true if you choose to send 100’s of photos to your smart device or computer each month.

All Cuddeback’s trail cameras are built really well. This one is made out of very durable polymer plastic and is sealed up tight against the elements too.

Warranty and Possible Drawbacks

The warranty on these trail cameras can be a little tricky. It comes with a standard one-year warranty with a catch. If you take the time to register your purchase online Cuddeback will extend that warranty out to 2 full years.

These cameras do not link together like typical cellular trail cameras do. It’s more like the transmission that’s done with them is all self-contained. They will however still send photos to your smartphone or other smart devices.

You actually have to attach the wireless adapter onto these cameras yourself. Even though they fit together as a single unit, the camera and wireless feature are actually two separate units that are combined.

Summing Up Our Thoughts

We have mixed feelings about this Cuddeback wireless trail camera. It’s not a typical design for a wireless trail camera to say the least. It is, however, one of the least expensive wireless trail cameras you will find and the features on the camera portion itself are outstanding. If you want a wireless trail camera system without having it tied directly with a cellular service provider, you definitely might be interested in owning one of the Cuddeback wireless trail cameras.