E Exodus Life’s a Passion, Pursue IT. Lift II Review

We will now review the Exodus Lift II Trail Camera. This item is sturdy and durable, thanks to a set of well-designed characteristics. Read our description of features, benefits, and drawbacks to learn more.

Taking a quick look at the E Exodus Life’s a Passion, Pursue IT. Lift II Trail Camera
Here is a brief overview of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:

• Ability to run a 64GB SD card
• Durable shell does not let moisture get to the lens
• Photo, video, and hybrid mode
• No-glow flash mode at night
• Wider, longer strap
• Quality images
• Easy setup

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• Access to the SD card is difficult
• Might need to increase the intensity of the night flash a little bit to achieve better results


E Exodus Life’s a Passion, Pursue IT. Lift II Trail CameraThis camera will serve you for whatever trail purpose you need it. You have the freedom to change the settings for various activities: from hunting to surveillance. The camera will detect movement, and it will release the shutter at a speed of 0.3s. It will be ready to take another picture in 1.5 seconds. A great feature of this unit is the hybrid mode, which means that you can adjust it to take a photo and record a video when it detects a single movement.

The no-low flash feature will keep the location of the camera secret during the night. However, note that better quality of the photos is possible when you increase the intensity of the glow just a little bit.


You will discover that shuffling through the menu of this camera is simple. The instructions on the LCD will help you adjust the settings the way you want them to be. As per usual, you will first need 8 AA durable Lithium batteries. You will install them in no time.

The camera is designed to last as long as possible. Thus, the construction of the outer shell is durable and waterproof. No moisture will get to the lens and damage it. The strap used to attach the camera to a tree is wide and long enough to keep the unit safe.


One of this trail cam’s traits that stands out the most is its ability to support a 64GB SD card. Most cameras will work with a 32GB card, which also has a lot of space to fill. However, having the option to upgrade is always nice.

The other advantage of the Exodus Lift II Trail Camera is the option to go from a low-glow flash to a no-glow flash. This feature protects the camera from the eyes of passing animals and people. Thus, the device will detect without being visible.

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The company offers you a 5-year “No BS” warranty if you purchase this camera. Throughout this long period, customer service will be a call away if you face any difficulties or problems with the product.

Unfortunately, the no-glow flash might not always be the most convenient option, especially if you want to enjoy the highest quality black and white photos at night. Nonetheless, the glow will need just a little increase to perform well.

Another disadvantage of this camera is the tricky access to the SD card. You will discover that it does not pop out very far and that there is a very little room for fingers to grab it.


In conclusion, we think that the Exodus Lift II Trail Camera will serve you for a long time, allowing you to enjoy the settings you like. The unit gives you the freedom to choose from photo, video, or hybrid mode for your convenience. The multipurpose camera is versatile and efficient.