Foxelli 57047 Review

Let us present to you the Foxelli Trail Camera – a model that comes with various features that will help you have a good look at what passes in front of the camera. This camera is adaptable for different purposes and needs. We will have a look at them now.

Taking a quick look at the Foxelli Trail Camera

Here is a brief overview of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:


  • Temperature and moon phase reader
  • Adjustable target recording time
  • Water and snow-resistant in temperatures as low as -22F
  • Good quality day shots and satisfying black & white night shots
  • Standard or military time
  • Invisible night flash
  • Reasonable price


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  • The lens blurs photos of moving animals
  • Night videos are grainy
  • Loud static noise instead of recording sound
  • Flimsy plastic buckle



Foxelli Trail CameraThis trail camera will assist you when you go out hunting or want to check out the local fauna in real-time and habitat. At the same time, you can mount this device on your house to monitor the yard or the car entrance. You will have constant access to observation.

When it comes to performance, this device will take satisfying daytime photos. However, the lens might blur pictures of moving animals. The flash will be invisible to the naked eye. Thus the camera will successfully cover a range up to 65ft. Note that the night videos will come out grainy.

You will have full control over the features. Some adjustable settings are timer and sensitivity. You can choose the lag time between shots or let the sensor take multiple frames with just a couple of seconds in-between. The customized sensitivity will allow you to enjoy the optimal resolution of the pictures.


The Foxelli Trail Camera uses 4 or 8 AA batteries. It is always better to buy more and not worry in the longer term. The requirement for the DC power connection is 6V / 1.5A, and the DC connector type should be EIAJ-01. With quality batteries and operations on standby mode, the camera should be able to work unobtrusively for eight months.

Installing the camera is easy. The LCD color monitor will allow you to preview material immediately after you have shot it. By going through the menu, you will have access to all the adjustable features such as timers, sensitivity, and night mode. The camera will withstand harsh weather conditions in a temperature range between -22F and 110F.


One of the camera’s most sought-after features is the 42 Low Glow IR LEDs that allow you to view photos and videos at night. At the same time, the device is programmed to be almost invisible at night. The naked eye can not see the LED flash, and no sounds will give away the location of the camera.

The second feature that customers love about this product is the target recording time. Once you set the timer, you will not even need to be present when the camera is taking photos. The sensors will detect movement only when you want them to. This operation will spare the life of the battery.

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In contrast to the standard 30 to 45- day money-back warranty, Foxelli offers you a better deal. You can return the product and get your money back in 120 days after the purchase. Once this period is over, you can still use customer service’s help through your one-year warranty for issues related to the functionality of the camera.

Some drawbacks you need to know before you make a decision include the quality of the images. Photos of moving animals might be blurry, while night videos will have unwanted grain. Also, the unit does not come with a micro SD card, and you will need to find an app on your phone to view photos and videos.


The Foxelli brand has released on the market a camera that is versatile and customizable. As mentioned, this product comes with several features that can be adjusted depending on the task you want to complete at a specific time. Although the quality of the moving pictures might not always be the highest, the operations it can perform fit the budget price.