Henf 16MP 1080P Review

The next extended review will be on the Henf Trail Camera. The product comes with several protection features so that it can perform just as well in normal and in rough weather conditions. In the next few sections, we will introduce some of this camera’s features so that you can decide if it is the right model for you.

Taking a quick look at the Heng Trail Camera

Here is a brief overview of some of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:


  • Good image quality during the day and the night
  • Photo, video, or hybrid mode
  • Multi-shot feature of up to 9 pictures
  • Password-protected
  • Weatherproof
  • Wide temperature range: -20℃ to 70℃

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  • Only strap included – no tripod
  • No rechargeable batteries option
  • Batteries drain quickly with heavy abuse
  • Cannot choose a time frame of shooting/recording


Henf Trail CameraThis trail cam delivers quality photos and videos no matter the weather. It offers fully customizable options for image resolution, video resolution, motion detect, loop recording. Thus, you can decide what kind of settings the present conditions might require and adjust them accordingly. With a trigger speed of 0.3s and a detection range of up to 65 feet, the camera will monitor the field and start recording/shooting when there an object passes. Thus, you can secure your house or observe the local fauna. The camera has a multi-shot feature which takes a maximum of 9 photos per single trigger. Set the date and time so that you know when a particular image took place when you view them later. Thanks to the password protection of the SD card, nobody will be able to access the material on the camera.


The Henf Trail Cam’s design is capable of persevering even through rainstorms and extreme temperatures. The shell and the system allow it to function where the temperature goes down to -20℃ or up to 70℃.

For the device to work, you will need eight standard AA batteries. Note that they drain quite quickly with heavy abuse. If you want to take lots of photos and use the same batteries over a long period, this model might not be the most appropriate.

The menu is clear and easy to understand. It will take very little time to learn all the functions and make adjustments.


We loved that this camera allows you to take multiple photos with just a single trigger. Set it to take up to 9 photos when it detects movement in the field. Thus, you will have a lot more material to go through and a bigger chance for great pictures.

The lens of the camera will be safe from moisture and dust thanks to the protections in the design. You will notice that the quality of the photos does not change when you use different weather conditions. Thus, the camera will serve you throughout the whole year.

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If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the camera or its performance, you can get your money back within 30 days after the purchase. Once this period expires, you will have access to the 12-month warranty for repairs.

Our primary concern with this unit is that the life of the battery shortens when you use the camera more often and continuously. Although the batteries can last for six months in standby mode, they might not reach that maximum with heavy abuse. Also, you can only use standard batteries and not Lithium ones. The camera will not indicate when the battery is low.

The other disadvantage of this unit is that you cannot choose the time frame when you want it to work. Thus, you will have to press the ‘on’ button manually when you want the trigger to function.


What we liked about this trail camera was that it is versatile and durable. The shell will protect the unit from outdoor dangers, while the features will keep it up to date with the moving objects. Thus, the camera will serve you while you are hunting, checking on the front of your house, the road, or the field. Even though it might not be suitable for those who would like to use it extensively, the camera will provide the owner with quality photos and videos both during the day and the night.