Spartan HD GoCam Review

Most every wireless trail camera that you will find in the marketplace takes pretty good photos and can also send them to your smartphone or email. This includes both day and night photos. The drawback with most of them is they cannot send the videos they shoot over the wireless network. Well the Spartan HD GoCam is one of the first to be the exception to this trait. It can transmit both photos and video to your smart device or email. Let’s take a closer look at this unique wireless trail camera.

Taking a quick look at the Spartan HD GoCam

Here is a brief overview of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:


  • Included AT&T sim card
  • 8 MP photo resolution
  • 720P HD video
  • Red glow infrared LED flash (70’ range)
  • 2” external viewing screen
  • Easy setup


  • Just mediocre battery life
  • Trigger speed can be a little slow

Wireless Capability

This trail cam unit has one of the better wireless packages you will find. It uses an included AT&T sim card that will allow you to quickly subscribe to an AT&T DataConnect Pass. As was mentioned, these game cameras will not only send photos to your smart device or email but will also send the video clips it shoots. The photos and video are sent using a provided app and they can be sent by both encrypted and non-encrypted means.

Performance and Versatility

While its wireless capability is among the best we have seen on a trail camera the video and photos it takes can best be described as adequate or just above average. It takes both 8 MP day and nighttime photos. The short videos the Spartan HD GoCam shoots are 720P HD quality.

Its low-glow infrared LED’s offer you a nice and long nighttime photo-taking range. This is up to 70’ in most cases.

One of the nicer features on this game camera model is the built-in 2” LCD viewing screen. It can come in very handy when you locate this trail camera where there is no wireless signal.

Ease of use, Battery Life and Construction

We consider the battery life of this product to be average. We talk more about that under the drawbacks with this camera.

This is one of the easier trail cameras to the setup of the many we have reviewed. Beginners will be programming easily in no time and veteran trail cam users will barely need to look at the instructions to work it. It can even be setup using your home computer or smart device.

It has a sturdy plastic case with a colorful camouflage design on it. An oversized cover gasket helps to keep the moisture out of it too.

Warranty and Possible Drawbacks

One nice thing about Spartan trail cams is they come with what can best be described as a better than average warranty for these types of products. The Spartan HD GoCam is warranted for a period of 2-years. One nice bonus you get with this trail camera is that it also has a 90-day no questions asked return policy if you are not satisfied with its performance after trying it out.

There were a few drawbacks to using the Spartan HD GoCam. One thing we did not think was great about was its battery life. Having to replace its 12 AA batteries every month or two will take away from its wireless convenience a little.

There were also some indications in the photos it takes that its shutter speed may be a slight bit slow. Although it does capture animals on most photos it takes sometimes parts of them are chopped off in the photo.

Summing Up Our Thoughts

We really like the wireless component on this cellular trail cam. The fact that it can transmit video over its wireless connection too is a big bonus over most other cellular game cameras. Taking a look at the features that a trail camera should have, this camera has some other very adequate features on it to go along with its better than average wireless capability. It takes fairly good quality day and night photos with 8 MP resolution. It has a long nighttime flash range (70’) and the built-in 2” LCD viewing screen is a great feature to have also.

If having an excellent wireless ability on your trail cam is your main purchasing focus, then you should give the Spartan HD GoCam some serious purchase consideration.