STARLIKE Motion Activated Night Vision Review

With the Starlike Trail Camera in your hands or mounted on your house, you will have constant viewing access over passing animals and people. Let us present to you the characteristics of this durable device.

Taking a quick look at the Starlike Trail Camera

STARLIKE Trail CameraHere is a brief overview of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users:


  • Small and compact design
  • Good price point
  • Comes with a tree strap
  • Records sound as well as video
  • Withstands tough weather conditions
  • Flash is invisible to passing animals and people
  • A variety of adjustable settings

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  • SD card not included
  • No information about the warranty


This type of trail camera carries a lot of standard features that make it a valuable device for when you are hunting or observing the local fauna. With a range of 65 feet, this device will monitor the field through 120-degree detecting sensors. Once the animal comes in scope, the camera will take a photo or a video – whichever you decide. You can select time-lapse photography, and the camera will enter working mode only when you want it to do so. You will love the fact that you can adjust many of the camera’s features, including sensitivity for better quality photos.

For security purposes, you can mount the camera on a tree by attaching it with the tree strap. Another thing you can do is install it on the wall an outer wall of your house from where you can access a good view of the road and the entrance. The camera will keep you informed of the situation outside both during the day and the night.


STARLIKE Trail CameraThe menu of this device is intelligible and easy to navigate. Through the menu, you can change the sensitivity of the pictures, choose the time frame when you want the camera to perform, and detect the outdoor temperature.

Apart from the device itself, you will need to purchase 4 or 8 AA batteries to supply power for the camera. The eight batteries can sustain life for about six months on standby mode. A solar panel will make the batteries last even longer, but you will need to purchase it separately as well.

The device is type IP65 resistant to damage caused by water and dust. The gadgets inside the camera will remain dry after heavy rainfalls.


What stands out about the Starlike Trail Camera is its compatibility with other a computer device. With most cameras, you can insert the SD card in a computer and view photos and images. With this model, you can also use the USB cord in the package to connect to another device.

The other advantage of the camera is the sturdy camouflage design. It blends well with the landscape, which makes it less visible. The construction is compact and easy to carry anywhere. It will withstand heavy rainfalls and extreme temperatures.  The device is durable.

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Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not provided information on warranty and issue-related repairs. You can contact customer services to ask more questions.

As with other trail cameras, the case here is that the product does not come with an SD card. To start taking pictures and videos, you will need to purchase one. However, this is not something unusual when it comes to such devices.


Overall, the conclusion we drew about the Starlike Trail Camera was that it would be a perfect addition to the gear of any wildlife observer. It is a useful device at a reasonable price. Moreover, it will be compatible with the needs of farm owners who want to monitor their properties. With a relatively wide range of viewpoint, this camera will provide you with safety and quality pictures and videos.