Toguard H45 Review

The Toguard Trail Camera is one of the devices that will provide you with a higher resolution of the pictures taken at 14MP. This speedy device has to offer you some other features that will assist you during your walks out in nature or your hunting trips.

Take a quick look at the Toguard Trail Camera

Here is a brief overview of this trail cam’s best features and what might be considered drawbacks for some users


  • Up to 75ft/22m detection range
  • Long battery life on standby mode
  • Low glow night vision
  • 3s trigger speed
  • LCD menu is easy to operate
  • Durable during rain and snow
  • Target recording time option
  • Records the outdoor temperature at the moment the photo is taken

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  • No SD card included
  • Battery life ends quicker when you take videos
  • The battery door is difficult to open
  • Flash cannot be turned off at night


Toguard Trail CameraThis camera item will offer you quality pictures and videos in just 0.3s thanks to the trigger speed. Photos in black and white can be taken during the night as well. The camera has three infrared sensors that will successfully register the movements of animals from up to 75ft distance if the animal is big enough. Note that the quality of the pictures will not be as excellent if you place the camera behind a window.

With this camera, you will not only observe animals while hunting. You can easily mount it outside your house as a surveillance device. The soft glow will not give away the location of the camera to animals. However, people will be able to tell it is working. You can adjust the camera’s settings according to your preferences. Choose the time when you would like the sensors to work and how long you would like the video to be.


This model camera uses eight AA batteries that you will need to buy. They are capable of enduring long hours of work if you keep the device in standby mode. However, you should know that they will have a significantly shorter life if you mostly use the camera to make videos. With this camera, you can use a 6V DC power adapter with a jack size of 3.5/1.3mm.  You will need to buy one with a minimum power rating of 1.5 amp.

Overall, the camera is sturdy. It is designed to withstand rough rainy and snowy conditions. The shell is waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof. You will not have difficulties installing and operating the LCD menu.


We liked the fact that the Toguard Trail Camera can read the outdoor temperature in real-time while it is taking photos and videos. Such a feature makes the device even more versatile and adaptable to various weather conditions.

The timer is another valuable feature of this unit. It allows you to save battery by choosing the time when the camera will start working. Outside of the set times, the sensors will not monitor the field, and the trigger will not be set off. The timer also allows you to choose how long the videos would be. You can use up to 10 minutes per video.

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The product comes with a standard money-back warranty within the first 45 days after you have purchased it. After that, you are save from charges for any issues that occur in a year.

Some possible drawbacks include the life of the battery. You will find that videos waste it a lot quicker. The battery door itself is a bit difficult to open just using your fingers. Unfortunately as well, the flash cannot be switched off during the night. Thus, it will give out the location of the camera even though it only glows with a soft, almost invisible light when it is not taking a picture.


If you are looking for a trail camera that will offer you a set of various helpful features, the Toguard Trail Camera will be handy. We liked it because it can monitor the actual outdoor temperature, detect movement in a range of 75 feet, and work under the control of a timer. Although you will need to buy the SD card yourself, the camera will provide you with all the necessary settings to take quality photos during the day and the night.