Scouting an area of land for the game has never been easier since trail cameras came onto the scene. What used to take several trips into the field and consumed numerous hours of time was reduced to a weekly or bi-weekly trek into the woods. Unfortunately, many avid hunters were still too busy to even put this small amount of time and effort into scouting for game. Manufacturers quickly recognized this fact and soon new variations of wireless trail cameras were being introduced into the hunting marketplace.

In this article, we will do several wireless game camera reviews. These are currently the top cellular trail camera products you can buy. All of them will help you greatly reduce the time and effort it takes to scout for the game in an area you are thinking about hunting. With the right 4G trail camera you can check the photos and videos they take from the comfort of your own home. Read along with us and find out more about these great hunting accessories that are huge timesavers that will help increase your hunting success.

Keep in mind as you read the reviews and other information in this article that wireless trail camera technology is in its infancy. It will only get better and better over time.

CreativeXP HD Cellular Trail Camera PRO3 with 56 No Glow IR LEDs

CreativeXP HD Cellular Trail Camera PRO3 with 56 No Glow IR LEDs

  • Price : $$$$
  • Photo Resolution : 12 MP
  • Flash Range : No Flash
  • Trigger Speed : 0.4 second
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Bigfoot 3G Camera

Bigfoot 3G Camera

  • Price : $$
  • Photo Resolution : 12 MP
  • Flash Range : 65 feet
  • Trigger Speed : 0.35-.04 seconds
View On Amazon
Spartan HD GoCam

Spartan HD GoCam

  • Price : $$$
  • Photo Resolution : 8 MP
  • Flash Range : 70 Feet
  • Trigger Speed : Less than 1-second
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Snyper Hunting Wireless Trail Camera Commander 3G AT&T

Snyper Hunting Wireless Trail Camera Commander

  • Price : $$$
  • Photo Resolution : 12 MP
  • Flash Range : over 75ft
  • Trigger Speed : 0.4 seconds
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Spypoint LINK-EVO-V Verizon Cellular Trail Camera

Spypoint LINK-EVO-V Verizon Cellular Trail Camera

  • Price : $$
  • Photo Resolution : 12 MP
  • Flash Range : 90′
  • Trigger Speed : 0.3 second
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Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Wireless Trail Camera with Invisible IR

Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Wireless Game Camera

  • Price : $
  • Photo Resolution : 30 MP
  • Flash Range : 90 ft
  • Trigger Speed : 0.1 second
View On Amazon

Cuddeback Dual Flash Invisible IR Scouting Game Trail Camera + Wireless Network

  • Price : $$$
  • Photo Resolution : 20 MP
  • Flash Range : 100 ft
  • Trigger Speed : 0.25 second
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Covert Code Black 12.1 Camera AT&T

Covert Code Black 12.1 Camera AT&T

  • Price : $$$$$
  • Photo Resolution : 12 MP
  • Flash Range : 60+ feet
  • Trigger Speed : 1.01 s
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Best Wireless Game Camera Reviews (2018)

Here is our list of wireless trail cameras that sends pictures to your cellular!

1. CreativeXP HD Cellular Trail Camera PRO3 with 56 No Glow IR LEDs (12MP Photos & Full HD Videos)

CreativeXP HD Cellular Trail Camera PRO3 with 56 No Glow IR LEDsThe package includes everything you need (32 Gb SD card, tree mount, strap, sim card) to instantly receive photos to your PHONE & EMAIL and the setup process was the easiest by far (<10 min).

The included SimHero uses the AT&T or T-Mobile cell towers and is preloaded with 500 photos which allow you to test the wireless feature. The $7/month data plan includes 1500 photos and it is a big plus considering that AT&T’s cheapest plan is $25.

Even if we ignore the versatile cellular feature, the CreativeXP Trail Cam is a top-notch competitor considering the 56 No Glow IR LEDs, 0.4 seconds trigger, 110-degree PIR angle, 75 ft daytime motion range and the ability to record Full HD 1080P Videos and 12MP Photos. It can be powered by 12 AA batteries, a CreativeXP solar panel or an external battery. All the photos taken were sent to my phone successfully and this is why the CreativeXP Game Camera PRO3 deserves the first place in our ranking.

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2. Bigfoot 3G Camera

Bigfoot 3G CameraThe next product on this list is the Bigfoot 3G Camera. This device will send pictures to your email right after they appear in the camera. It will monitor the field, take photos when it detects movement and, then, send them to your email. This process can happen every 52 seconds. You can also put in a maximum daily picture amount to save on data.

The camera comes with an SD card. All you need to do is connect to the At&t cellular network to set it up. After your 30-day free trial expires, you will need to purchase a paid data plan. For the wireless camera to function, at least two bars of service in At&t areas are required. A separately purchased extended range antenna will boost a one-bar signal to two or three bars.

When it comes to phones, you can use any model that has internet and email. You can even use more than one phone with the same email.


  • Affordability: Not only that the camera is budget-friendly, but the data plan is also affordable. The price for three months is $6.99.
  • Compatibility with multiple phones: You can log in to the same email address on various mobile phones. Thus, you can keep multiple copies of photos.


  • Less clarity: You will notice the grain in pictures and some details could be less apparent with this camera.

Photo limit: This device does not allow you to take an unlimited amount of pictures.

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3. Spartan HD GoCam

Spartan HD GoCamHere is one of the better wireless trail cameras you will find in the hunting marketplace. This Spartan GoCam integrates the convenience of AT&T wireless technology right into the workings of this game camera. Accessing the photos and videos it takes could not be any simpler.

Everything you need to start transmitting with it is included right in the package. This includes the AT&T DataConnect Pass sim card. Once your AT&T data service is activated you can access this camera’s menu right on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s a completely stand-alone unit that requires no accessories, attachments or other wires. The photos can even be sent in encrypted form.

Let’s not forget it’s an excellent trail cam too. It has such nice features as 8MP photo taking resolution and 720P HD video. It has decent battery life and runs off of 12 AA batteries. This game camera is water resistant, built of tough polymer plastic. It can take a good day and nighttime photos of animals that trip its motion sensors from up to 70’ away.

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4. Snyper Hunting Wireless Trail Camera Commander 3G AT&T

Snyper Hunting Wireless Trail Camera Commander 3G AT&THere is another wireless trail camera that connects to AT&T’s very wide 3G network coverage. Scouting for the game in a prospective hunting area gets so much easier and less time consuming with a trail camera that sends pictures to your phone. While sitting at work, watching TV at home or even on a lunch break you can check the media this deer camera has taken for you.

Not only does this trail camera have the convenient wireless technology but it also has 56 special blackout LED’s for its nighttime flash feature. That means it will not spook the animals like white-flash or red-flash LED’s sometimes are prone to do.

You get excellent quality photos and videos once its fast 0.4-second trigger speed kicks in too. It shoots 1080P HD video and its photo resolution can be set to as high as 12 megapixels.

There is even a YouTube tutorial to watch to help make using the Snyper Hunting Wireless Trail Camera a whole lot easier.

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5. Spypoint LINK-EVO-V Verizon Cellular Trail Camera

Spypoint LINK-EVO-V Verizon Cellular Trail Camera

There are few better wireless trail cameras than this model from Spypoint. Once you connect it to Verizon’s network it will send the quality photos this game camera takes to your smart device or computer. No more walking out into the field to grab an SD card for a look.

With just a few simple presses of some buttons on your smart device or computer, the photos you take with this trail camera will almost instantly appear on your screen or show up in your email. This is also one of the few trail cameras that can work by using a more powerful 4G cellular signal.

There are other impressive features you get with this wireless game camera too. It has a lightning fast 0.3-second trigger speed and an easy to carry and mount lightweight and compact design. It will shoot video and take very good quality 12 MP photos too.

This wireless trail camera even comes nicely backed up by Spypoint with a full 2-year warranty.

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6. Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Wireless Game Camera (Invisible IR)

Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Wireless Trail Camera with Invisible IRHere is a very interesting wireless trail camera both in design and how it works. Boly has gotten very creative with it. This game camera will work with all AT&T, Cricket, and T-Mobile sim cards if their signal is in range of where you place it. Scouting for a game before you hunt an area will never be easier than when you do it using 3G wireless technology.

It’s loaded with many other great features besides it wireless connectivity ability too. There is a built-in 3” color LCD display to view your photo and videos when you are on the camera and it has a 100’ motion sensing range too. Its photos can be taken up to an unbelievable 30 megapixels in resolution and its HD quality 720P video is really good also.

This Boly 3G Wireless Trail Camera even uses black IR LED technology that makes its nighttime flash powerful yet undetectable.

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7. Cuddeback Dual Flash Invisible IR Scouting Game Trail Camera + Wireless Network


Cuddeback is a big name when it comes to quality trail cameras and this wireless version from them does not disappoint. This is a little bit different design than you see with other wireless trail cameras. Cuddeback simply added a wireless replacement cap on one of their regular game cameras. This allows you to check the photos and videos it takes right on your smartphone or laptop.

The deer camera product this wireless cap attaches to is a very good one also. It takes high quality 20 MP photos and cam also shoot short bursts of 1080P HD video. It also has among the industries faster motion sensor trigger times at 0.25 seconds.

Other nice features on the  Cuddeback Game Trail Camera include invisible black-flash LED nighttime photo taking and its multiple mode photo and video taking. It even uses more powerful and longer lasting ‘D’ cell batteries.

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8. Covert Code Black 12.1 Camera AT&T

Covert Code Black 12.1 Camera AT&THere is a trail camera that has a little bit of everything including a wireless hookup to an AT&T network. It makes it ultra-convenient to monitor the game in an area you are thinking about hunting. You can check the photos it takes any time simply by using an app to send them to your computer or smart device.

The game camera also takes very good photos and videos too. With it, you can take high-quality photos in a resolution as good as12 megapixels. You also get good quality HD video with audio. That will allow you to really access the game in the area you put your camera.

There is also a built-in display screen in the Covert Code Black 12.1 Camera. When you are at the camera location its 2” LCD display screen allows you to preview the multimedia data on it and reprogram it if desired.

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9. Bushnell 119599C2 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor (14MP)

Bushnell 119599C2 Trophy Cam HD AggressorYou expect to get a good game camera when it’s made by one of the world’s foremost optical products companies. That is exactly what you get with this very nice wireless trail camera from Bushnell. It does not disappoint at all. It’s loaded with great features including its ability to be controlled remotely by cellular wireless technology.

Even without its wireless technology, it would still be considered a top of the line trail camera. That’s because it has such great features as 48 built-in no-glow black LED’s for nighttime picture taking and a 60’ movement sensing range. It has excellent 14 megapixels photo resolution and shoots high definition 1280 x 720 P video also.

This game camera can even add a GPS tag and other information right on the photos and video it takes for you. With its fast 0.5 second trigger time, you are also going to get complete shots of any deer or other animals that wander into its sensing range.

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Wireless Game Camera Buying Guide

wireless trail camera reviews

Here are the main characteristics of wireless trail cameras to focus on when shopping for a new one:

  • Wireless operation/Ease of App use

Of course, you will have to look at what type of cellular company signal any trail camera you are thinking about buying used. You will also have to make sure that type of signal is available in the area where you want to use your wireless deer camera. Most carriers like Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T have coverage maps of the area where you will place your new wireless game camera.

Wireless trail cameras are made to be used in conjunction with specific cellular carriers too. If you have no AT&T signal where you live then you don’t want to buy a cellular game camera that uses their particular sim cards. So the very first step when shopping for a wireless game camera is to know what your choices are for the cellular carrier reception you get in your area.

You will also need to download an app to your smart device or laptop in order to receive photos from your wireless deer camera. It’s a good idea to get an idea how simple these apps are to use on a particular wireless trail camera model. A good way to do this is to read some reviews from hunters who have bought and used any wireless game camera model you are thinking about buying.

  • Photo resolution/Photo taking options

Of course, you want your new wireless trail camera to take good quality photos. After all, you will need to see what deer and other game animals actively use any area you are thinking about hunting in. the higher the resolution on your wireless game camera the better you can see what is triggering your trail camera to take photos.

The resolution a particular wireless trail camera has is much like that of a regular camera. It’s determined by the number of megapixels of resolution a cellular trail camera has. In order to get good clear photos of deer and other animals near your trail cam, ‘10 megapixels or better’ photo resolution is highly recommended.

Also, familiarize yourself with any photo taking options a game camera has. Programmable photo taking options such as time-lapse photography and scheduled interval photography offer you some useful information as far as scouting for game in an area is concerned.

  • Video taking capability

If you purchase a wireless trail camera that can shoot short bursts of the video you want that to be of good quality too. That means you should take a look at the resolution of the video it takes. You want to know clearly what game animals are wandering around the video you have taken with your cellular deer camera. A video resolution of 720P or better is highly recommended.

You should also be aware of any video taking programming options a cellular trail camera you are thinking about buying has on it too. Wireless game cameras that can take video on a time scheduled basis, when triggered by motion or can be used in conjunction with still photos are all nice video taking options to have. So make sure you are aware of these types of video taking capabilities on any game camera you are thinking about purchasing.

  • Motion sensing range/Trigger speed

When shopping for a new cellular game camera you also want to know its daytime and nighttime photo taking ranges. The longer these distances are away from the camera the more territory you can observe with your wireless trail camera. You want a cellular game camera that is triggered when an object moves within at least 60’ of it during the day and at least 40’ from it at night.

It’s also important to purchase a wireless game camera that takes photos or video quickly after its motion sensor picks up movement. This is known as a wireless camera’s ‘trigger speed’. That way you will get to see as much of the animal as possible that activated your wireless trail camera to take a photo. A cellular trail camera with a trigger speed of 0.6 seconds or faster is highly recommended.

  • Durability/Weatherproofing

When you hook up your wireless game camera out in the field you are exposing it to some pretty tough environmental conditions. It will experience such potentially damaging elements as temperature extremes, moisture and possibly even snow or ice. You will need to buy a cellular game camera that will hold up well under such conditions.

That means it should be made of a tough plastic material such as those that are made of polymer plastics. These are largely dent and puncture proof. Any wireless trail camera you buy should be sealed well against moisture also. Waterproof cellular game cameras are best but a water-resistant trail camera is also acceptable since they are placed up high off the ground.

  • Security

Cellular trail cameras are not low-cost game cameras. Sadly they have a way of disappearing sometimes when placed out in the field. That means you will want to buy a wireless trail cam that you can secure as much as possible when placing it out in the field. This usually entails having spots where you can anchor a cable lock on it so it can be secured to a tree or post. Being able to use a padlock on its compartment door will also help secure it better.

One other big theft deterrent is having a cellular deer camera that is password protected. That means no one can program it or use it without entering the correct password. It makes that particular wireless game camera useless to someone if they do steal it. This is just a nice little bonus security measure.

  • Warranty

Wireless trail cameras are by no means a disposable item. As a matter of fact, they generally cost much more than their non-wireless counterparts. That means you will want some peace of mind they will hold up well when you spend the money on them. Having a wireless trail cam that comes with a good warranty is the best way to get that peace of mind.

That is why you want to be aware of the exact warranty any trail camera you are thinking about purchasing comes with. The longer the warranty period a wireless deer camera has the better. You also want that warranty to be as all-inclusive as possible on the components of your wireless game camera.

Warranties also have other uses too. They can do things like give you a good idea how well a manufacturer think their wireless trail camera is built. A manufacturer does not have to have a lot of confidence in the durability of a product they only warrantee for 1-year. On the other hand, you better believe they will have lots of confidence in a wireless game camera they warrantee for 2 or more years.

How do Wireless Trail Cams Work?

Despite how it may appear, wireless trail cameras are not magic boxes. They use much the same technology as an ordinary cellphone.

There are two big things that are different about operating a wireless trail camera as opposed to a standard game camera:

  1. They work using a sim card

wireless trail camerasSince your wireless game camera’s photo sending technology is similar to that of a cell phone you will need to install a sim card inside it to use it. Each wireless trail camera is restricted to use by specific cellular service providers. Make sure you know what cellular signals your wireless game camera can receive in your area before purchasing it. This point cannot be emphasized strongly enough.

A cellular trail camera sends you the photos it takes much like you can send photos from smart device to smart device. It basically sends digital signals which your computer or smart devices then turn back into a viewable form on your display screen.

  1. You will need an app to run them

Also, part of the process of setting up your wireless game camera involves installing an app on your computer or smart device. This is necessary to control your new cellular trail camera from a distance and get it to email or send photos to you.

There are three steps involved in this process:

  1. You first must go to your wireless trail camera’s manufacturer’s website. From there you will download the corresponding game camera app.
  2. Once that is done you will then need to connect with your wireless deer camera. How easy this is to do depends on how strong the cellular signal is in the area. You will also have to choose a data plan and then pay for it and activate it. This fee is normally not included with your wireless trail camera purchase.
  3. Now that you have established your connection you can initiate the steps to get your wireless trail camera to send the photos it has taken to your phone, smart device or laptop.

You cannot work your wireless game camera until you have first installed its corresponding app.

Pros and Cons of Using Cellular Trail Cameras

best wireless trail camera As with all types of new technology, wireless game cameras are not perfect by any means. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of using wireless deer cameras.


  • Saves time and effort

One of the worst things about regular trail cameras is in order for them to be of any use to you it requires you going out into the field to retrieve their SD card. Needless to say, this can be time-consuming and be tiring if that trail cam is far from your home. This is especially true when you factor in such things as temperature extremes and slippery conditions. That is when owning a wireless game camera puts a big smile on your face.

You simply have to pull up your game cameras app and from the comfort of your home or office, you can see the photos that it has taken for you. It takes so little time and effort to retrieve this helpful hunting information from your cellular trail camera.

  • Near instantaneous data

You also can see the photos your wireless game camera has taken almost immediately after your camera gets the shots. No more waiting around to see these photos every 2 or 3 weeks when you walk to where you have placed your trail camera. You get the data you want to make your hunting decisions and camera placements much quicker than ever before with a wireless game camera.

  • No area contamination

If you are hunting deer they have an incredible sense of smell. Each time you go to visit your trail camera you leave a little bit of your scent behind. Deer and other game animals know this is not a scent that’s safe to be around. When you access your trail camera photos wirelessly that means there is less chance to leave your scent behind that will discourage game animals from coming into the trail camera area.

  • They have an excellent photo and video quality

One nice thing about cellular trail cameras is you usually do not have to sacrifice photo quality to get the convenience of them. While the photos that are transmitted from them might be slightly compressed they are still clear and have great value to you. Most wireless trail cameras are basic trail camera versions that work well and have added wireless technology.


  • You need adequate signal where you place them

One bad thing about wireless trail cameras is they are of no use to you in a very remote area where a cellular signal is hard to come by. That is why before buying one you need to take your phone out into the approximate area you will place them and check for a wireless signal.

  • Involves a somewhat lengthy setup/orientation process

There is some work involved in getting your wireless trail cam working besides just taking it into the field and setting it up. You will have to install your sim and get it working for one thing. There is also the process of installing the app that controls your new cellular game cam on your smart device or computer.

Once everything is ready to go with your wireless trail camera you will then have to learn how to use it. This process can be both time-consuming and frustrating until you get accustomed to it.

  • Glitches in the technology

One of the first things we said about wireless trail cameras is that they use relatively new technology. That means you are going to have some bugs in the system and supporting apps from time to time. No one gave up on computers because they had glitches when they first came out, so don’t give up on your game camera if you have some technical issues with it either.

  • Uses up battery power faster

With a trail cam that sends photos to you by means of cellular communication it’s no secret they will go through batteries faster than standard type game cameras. That’s because the batteries used in them not only have to power the photo and video taking capability in the deer camera but they also have to power the phone signal. So it’s a double drain on the batteries.

Using a solar power pad in conjunction with a wireless trail cam is a great way to overcome their faster battery drain.

Wireless Trail camera FAQ’s

Here are some questions that we often get regarding wireless game cameras:

Question: Do wireless trail cameras get placed out in the field just like any other game cameras?

Answer: Yes with one big exception!

There are different strategies to place them, but they hook onto trees, poles, mounting plates and tripods just like most standard trail cams do. The only big difference is you have to make sure they are getting a wireless signal from your cellular carrier where you place them. This is easy enough to do by carrying your cell phone with you and checking the signal strength where you want to place your cellular game cam.

Question: If I have a trail camera that uses Verizon wireless technology do I have to have a Verizon phone to view the photos that it takes?

Answer: No you don’t. Just because your game camera uses a different sim card than your mobile phone carrier does not mean you can’t send the photos your trail camera takes to it. It’s similar to calling a cell phone of a friend who uses a different cellular service provider than you. There is no problem calling from Verizon to AT&T, Sprint to Verizon, etc.

Best Wireless Game Camera Comparison Chart

ProductPricePhoto ResolutionFlash RangeTrigger Speed
Covert Code Black 12.1 Camera AT&T
$$$$$12 Megapixel60+ feet1.01 s
Spartan HD GoCam
$$$$8 Megapixel70 ftLess than 1-second
Snyper Hunting Wireless Trail Camera Commander 3G AT&T
$$12 Megapixelover 75 ft0.4 Second
Cuddeback Dual Flash Invisible IR Scouting Game Trail Camera + Wireless Network
$$20 Megapixel100'0.25 second
Spypoint LINK-EVO-V Verizon Cellular Trail Camera
$$12 Megapixel90 ft0.3 second

A Few Final Thoughts on Wireless Game Cameras

There is no doubt about it at all. If you use a wireless trail camera to scout an area for the game it will save you time and effort when doing this task. It’s a perfect tool for hunters who do not have much time in their busy lives to dedicate to scouting for the game before they hunt a patch of land. That’s the very reason why the use of these deer cameras has gotten so popular recently. Wireless trail camera technology and use are only going to grow over time thanks to its newfound popularity.

In this article we tried to help you by reviewing some of the best wireless trail cameras you will find in the sports marketplace. Anyone of the wireless trail camera reviews we did was done on a product that will work well for you and make scouting for the game so much easier. The other information on cellular trail cameras in the article was to let you know more about them and how they work.

If you put all this information to work for you, then you should have no problems finding a top 3G or 4G trail camera to scout for the game with.